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The Cerema Center for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Development is a public institution focused on public policy support, under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Solidarity and the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and relations with local authorities.

CEREMA is co-organiser of the SMart Rivers 2019 conference.



France’s leading producer of 100% renewable electricity, CNR’s knowledge of all the specific characteristics of hydroelectricity, wind power and solar power is second to none. By choosing to sell your energy to CNR, you make the choice of a financially solid and acknowledged actor on the European markets, with its own trading room and a team of meteorologists who optimise the value of your energy. In addition, you choose an enterprise committed to the development of renewable energies and expert in their management. CNR has been an aggregator in France since 2012 and offers you different types of contract.

CNR is co-organiser of the SMart Rivers 2019 conference.


Ministère de la Transition Écologique et Solidaire

The Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition (Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire), was created as the Ministry of the Environment (Ministère de l'Environnement) in 1971. The Ministry is responsible for State Environmental Policy (Preservation of Biodiversity, Climate Kyoto Protocol Application, Environmental Control of industries, etc.), Transportation (air, road, railway and sea regulation departments), Sea, and Housing Policy. The Ministry distributes funds to Research Agencies or Councils. As of 2017, the Ministry is also responsible for energy policy. 


Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is a French administrative region located in the central and eastern part of southern France. It brings together very different spaces from one another, both geographically (relief, climate), sociological, economic and even cultural (regional languages, popular traditions). 


Ville de Lyon

Lyon, French city of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, is located at the junction of the Rhone and Saone rivers. Its center bears witness to 2,000 years of history, with its Roman amphitheater of the Three Gauls, the medieval and Renaissance architecture of Old Lyon and the modernity of the Confluence district on the peninsula. Traboules, covered passages between buildings, connect the Old Lyon to the hill of La Croix-Rousse. 



Voies navigables de France (VNF) or Navigable Waterways of Franceis the French navigation authority responsible for the management of the majority of France's inland waterways network and the associated facilities—towpaths, commercial and leisure ports, lock-keeper's houses and other structures. VNF was established in 1991 and took over the responsibility for all waterways from the National Office of Navigation (French: Office National de la Navigation) in 1993. It is a public body and is under the control of the Minister of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Territorial Development. The headquarters of VNF are in Béthune, Pas-de-Calais with local offices throughout France.

VNF is co-organiser of the SMart Rivers 2019 conference. 


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Vinci Maritime et fluvial

VINCI Construction Maritime and Fluvial supports its customers in the realization of maritime, port and river works that bring progress, development and are respectful of the environment.

A subsidiary of VINCI Construction France, VINCI Construction Maritime and Fluvial is the French leader in maritime and river works. On the water and on the ground, the quality of its equipment and the know-how of its teams enable the company to bring innovative and efficient solutions to all sites.

In a multicultural company, its employees, men and women of experience, meet challenges around the world by retaining the best technical options and the most adapted materials to ensure that deadlines and budgets are respected. 

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Bouygues TP Régions France

TP RF is a legal entity created on July 1, 2010 from the merger of all Bouygues Entreprises France Europe's French engineering teams.

With 600 employees throughout France (excluding IDF), Bouygues TP Régions France provides a network of the territory and a close relationship with its customers to whom it offers its expertise on high-tech works, mixed works, special works , Works of Earthworks of Works of Art & Restoration of Communication (TOARC) and the linear projects. This entity includes two specific business divisions: VSL France (specializing in prestressing, repairs, reinforcement of structures) and TFM (Fluvial and Maritime Works). 


Medlink Ports is the banner of the port system of southern access to Europe. We work on the development of multimodal activity and transport on the Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône axis for import / export flows and domestic traffic.

Medlink Ports is today the 1st French fluvio-port entity. 

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viadonau is the leading international waterway operators in the Danube region. By utilising the knowledge of our experts in infrastructure management, shipping and logistics, along with electronic information and navigational systems, flood control and environmental hydraulic engineering, we provide services for the public sector, businesses, holidaymakers and local residents along the Danube. 

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The professional interaction and exchange of ideas remains a hallmark of the SmartRivers conference series. Organizations that provide services or goods related to any aspects of inland waterborne transport are cordially invited to join us.

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  • Associating your name to the largest international Conference on smart river transport
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  • having a targeted communication
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  • benefiting media coverage
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PLATINUM partners can support conference by financing a cocktail, a lunch, a technial visit, an animation or any other activity with added visibility.

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Large company logo visible on all communication and marketing material (brochures, website, signage)
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