Viadonau bronze and exhibitor at Smart Rivers 2019

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We are proud to welcome our first bronze sponsor and exhibitor, Viadonau.

Viadonau is the leading international waterway operators in the Danube region. By utilising the knowledge of their experts in infrastructure management, shipping and logistics, along with electronic information and navigational systems, flood control and environmental hydraulic engineering, they provide services for the public sector, businesses, holidaymakers and local residents along the Danube.  

Viadonau strives for the responsible management, development and promotion of the Danube waterway by means of cooperation in both national and international projects, whereby the interests, ideas and inspirations from politics, business, science and the environment are brought together.  

The company cooperates and works together with all groups of key players, using an integrative approach to develop viable solutions for the sustainable and responsible use of the living, natural and economic areas on the Danube.

Don’t forget to visit their stand and exchange ideas with their representatives at exhibition stand number 3 and 4.


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