Technical Visit - Port Revel, Grenoble

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Smart Rivers 2019 delegates will be invited to participate in a number of tehcnical visits on Thursday 3rd October 2019 in the afternoon. One of those is a visit of Port Revel. Port Revel, a subsidiary of ARTELIA group, is a ship handling training center; world leader for continuous training at all possible maneuvers in all conditions imaginable on scale models.

Since 1967, Port Revel has trained 7,000 captains and port pilots, 80% of whom are from all over the world and 20% from France.

Its 5 ha man-made lake is the largest and most technical in the world, equipped with a wave machine producing different types of waves, about forty powerful current generators (up to 3 knots) and generators of winds (up to 30 knots). State-of-the-art electronic equipment can accurately record model trajectories during training.

The technical visit will be free for delegates to the conference but with limited availability. You will be invited to register for the visit during the registration process that will be opened shortly.

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