Technical Topics

Waterway infrastructure
  • Innovative infrastructure design
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • Asset management, Reliability, and Maintenance
  • Resilience
Smart Inland Waterway Transport
  • E-navigation, River information services
  • Safe and secure operation
  • Cyber-security
  • How Big Data and Block Chain will help
River induced Land Planning and Development
  • Waterway Transport policies (local, regional)
  • Funding issues and Business models
  • Climate change, Environmental transition, Energy transition
  • Working with nature
  • Cruise shipping and Recreational boating
  • Urban integration of waterways
Water and Sediment Management
  • Sediment transport modelling
  • Smart dredging technology
  • Ecotox analysis, Remediation and re-use of Dredging material
  • Water resources management, Water levels
  • Logistics at the river-sea interface
  • Port Gateways and cooperation and cooperation between maritime and inland ports
  • Flexible Lay-outs
  • Data processing
Innovation and Future Trends
  • Future trends in river energy production
  • Advanced navigation systems
  • Smart energy management of rivergoing vessels
  • Digitalization of the river cyberspace
  • Other innovations in vessel design
  • Development of Large African Rivers
  • Academic Task Force
  • Young Professionals
  • Design of the River of Tomorrow – with IFGR Forum (Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers)